About Us

We are both a land casino and an online casino. We understand that though there are many people who are ready to take a trip to the land of gambling and enjoy themselves, there are quite a few out there due to various constraints of money, time, energy and so on, wish to stay at home and gamble and it is for these people we have our 24x7 gambling site. Even our guests who have visited us on-site can continue to stay in touch with us through our online games.

Every year we have hundreds of visitors who stay with us only to go back home feeling content and satisfied. Our guests are not only professional gamblers but they also include people from the corporate world, religious organizations, the nerds, the geeks, the fun lovers and not to forget our dear senior citizens, who come back to us every year to reserve their next victorious casino party events. Ever since we started out, we have provided first class entertainment to all our visitors equally.

Our expert dealers present you with a genuine casino experience and at the same time, they are more than ready to part with their share of knowledge to both the new and experienced players with the rules of the games, both on land and online. That said, our strict surveillance prevents fraud and allows no kind of deception. There is a strict no cheating policy followed at our casino.

We are centrally located and easily accessible. Our pricings are competitive and affordable. We give our guests the flexibility to book events and gaming slots. There is a wide range of games and plenty of gaming tables available at your disposal. All these have made us one of the favourite casinos as rated by our visitors.  

So first timers, if you are looking for a place to start gambling or have some fun, then wait no more and just step right in. A word of friendly advice to the under 18's: "Please wait up until its time". Rest assured our casino is well insured.

Satisfied Client