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Casinos for Stress Release" Taboos you should break

Gambling is one of the most debateable topics in today's world. Some believe it to be a blessing while others feel it to be a curse.

However, in recent times, many people around the world go to casinos and gamble in order to relieve stress. According to surveys conducted, many people consider gambling as a great stress-buster and they admit that gambling has proven to be an effective distraction technique to stay away from their financial problems, on contrary to the common belief that gambling results in loss of finance. Hence it is time to move away from the fact that not everyone who gambles lands in trouble nor do their problems get worse.

Many people tend to overlook the pros that gambling possesses. It is considered as a good pass time. People feel money flows in and out of one's pocket at the casinos but what they do not understand is that it could also do a bit of good to the brain functioning. Land or online casinos and card or non-card games usually come up with new skills that require intellectual gaming. These are also very stimulating and can affect thoughts and behaviour in a positive manner.

Gambling a day, drives anxiety away

Some people feel that gambling helps manage anxiety, as they feel unconnected with their anxious feelings. The number of people gambling to relieve anxiety has gone sky high. Some also use these feelings to channelize it towards the gaming activities. Thus for many, gaming behaviour alters their anxiety levels.

Gambling as a Healing Hand

A study conducted in 2009, at Montreal, states that gambling has improved health benefits. Studies reveal that playing online casino games, including poker online, Bandar Ceme online, etc... has lowered the amount of cortisol (a hormone that aids the body in metabolism and management of stress) in the body by 17%.

Casinos offer a wide range of games but of these, a few of them have proven to be good for the brain, similar to exercising. Examples of stimulating games include poker and blackjack. Poker is not all about calling the bluff but a game that requires you to activate your brain cells. Playing poker also calls out for socialising.  

Blackjack on the other hand is not just about getting your hand in cards, as close to 21 but it is another game that is also good for the brain as it makes use of short-term memory. Activating this part of the brain is important in fighting off senility. So next time you sit at table dealing for blackjack, you will notice that it is not just about getting a good hand but it is also trying to bust the dealer and this requires a good amount of knowledge and memory.

Thus, judi online or gaming at the casinos is seen as an effective tool in keeping the mind young. Skill games help the brain to exercise and the mind to work. Therefore, do not just play luck games but also try activating those brain cells and ward off senility.

It is worth mentioning here that these days casinos are becoming the new "senior citizen hangouts". There are a good number of seniors who flock to the casinos, either for gambling, or to have a bit of fun or just to meet people. Moreover, for those who find it difficult to be physically present at the casinos there is online gaming options available.  

How else can gambling affect positively?

  • Help to focus: Studies have revealed that gambling rather helps in establishing better concentration levels in an individual.
  • Get better with numbers: Gaming sharpens a person's mathematical skills, especially in the subject of probability that makes use of estimating the chances of winning or losing. Games like roulette and blackjack make use of math to identify whether the player has an upper hand or not. Even with poker, player can try to calculate the odds of who is winning the current deal.
  • Improve brain efficiency: Research says gambling plays a role in stimulating the neural centre of the brain. While gambling, the brain tends to function at a speed higher than any non-gambler.
  • Assist in decision-making: Gambling helps in making decisions of good standards without hesitations and delays.
  • Develop social skills: No doubt, gaming, both at land casinos or online casinos, can improve socialising skills and create a social network.
  • Help stay positive: Players often dream big and stay positive in order to win at the tables. No player while gambling considers a negative outcome and this attitude is carried over to the real world too.
  • Lastly, act as a means to increase your bank balance: Good players often end up wining piles of cash. Moreover, a wise person will slowly withdraw from playing when he sees a drop in his money.

All's well that ends well

All well said, but concluding on a thoughtful note, there is an old Chinese saying which goes by, "If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time". Gambling, no doubt is fun but ensure you know when to call it quits before the cortisol levels in the body start gaining momentum.

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